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know-how, innovation & high tech production

at AGITEK we specialize in bringing our know-how, design skills and manufacturing facilities together
to create specialized solutions for healtcare, retail, offices, hotels and control centres

control centres


We are experts in standard- and custom made solutions for control centres for Police, Emergency Call Centres, Power Plants, etc.

We can equip the entire control room with desks, screen mounts, archive space and shelfing

office & retail


AGITEK has a wide range of adjustable desks, and can easily manufacture a custom made solution as well.

We also design and build interior solutions for shops and exhibitions.

hotels & marine


We have our own range of pullmann beds for hotels, hostels and ships – sturdy and elegant at the same time.

Made from steel and wood in a slim design, it meets the high demands from our many customers around the world.



At AGITEK we are specialist in high capacity lifting systems and other solutions for the healthcare industry – with a range of chairs, cabinets and beds made especially for the demands and needs of this sector.

a bed that facilitates healing

AGITEK has recently been given the task of developing a completely new bed
for psychiatric wards in Denmark

the task is to design a bed with no visible metal anywhere, that can run on batteries,
have full sector specifications in a friendly design
…and can be manufactured at a reasonable price.

the design phase is complete and technical development is now on the way! 

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the new bed for the psychiatric sector

 over the next year AGITEK will develop a completely new concept for a new bed for psychiatric wards
a new organic form in friendly materials, but with focus on function and sturdiness.

a new way of thinking institutional beds!

design & function<br />
hand in hand

design & function
hand in hand

hidden, not forgotten

hidden, not forgotten

safe and functional

safe and functional

cordless, accu motors

cordless, accu motors

Watch a presentation video of the new bed

thought, design & craftmanship

custom manufacturing, prototyping & know-how in steel production and lifting systems are our core competences
let us know how we can help build your idea or solve your challenge!

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we work with customers of all sizes

for more than 20 years AGITEK has designed and developed solutions for
small and large clients, in both the public and the private sector,
both locally and globally – here is a few of them